Österby Gjusteri - gjutning, bearbetning

Production at Österby Gjuteri is as far from mass production as you can get. Most of our products are unique and only one piece is ever made. This places a high premium on know-how, experience, material and access to creative design engineers.

We have a comprehensive tool and machine park as well as software for design, programming and simulation. This section contains an overview of the various parts that constitute our production facilities, and gives an idea of our production capacity.




We construct small-scale models in the model workshop, using wood and polystyrene. We also repair and modify existing models, and carry out continuous dimensional control of new models.



Core manufacturing

Sand moulds and cores are manufactured using manual methods, in olivin sand and chromite sand with cold-curing binding agents. We have three sand mixers in the forming room and core workshop, with capacities of 20 tonnes/hour, 14 tonnes/hour and 10 tonnes/hour.

The sand is recycled after casting using a system that separates chromite sand from olivine sand. The dimensions of the flasks range from 600 x 600 mm to 2,400 x 3,500 mm. The forms and the cores are blackened by brush, pouring or spray painting.




Our three HF furnaces have a total capacity of approximately 10 tonnes. Casting takes place in bottom-pour ladles with a capacity from 1.5 to 10 tonnes. All melts are analysed in a light-emission spectrometer to confirm that the composition of the alloy is correct.




After unloading all products are blasted in a shot blaster. We also have a sand blaster here.



The cleaning shop has 12 fettling stations with pressurised air and welding capacity up to 400 A, with a hydraulic suspension grinding machine.

Welding methods using metal arc welding with covered electrodes are available for carbon steel, martensite steel, duplex and austenitic stainless steel, and for superalloys of falloy type. We also carry out TIG welding for the most common types of stainless steel.

All methods satisfy the requirements of EN 288. The cleaning shop has welders licensed according to EN 287 for the relevant technique, for both metal arc welding and TIG.


Heat treatment

Österby Gjuteri has two heat treatment plants powered by liquefied petroleum gas for temperatures up to 1,225 °C, with controlled ambient pressure and computer logging of temperature. We use air or water as the cooling medium.





We work with our customers as partners, and this makes it natural for us to contribute to product development, and to assemble and test products before delivery.

The inspection department at Österby Gjuteri deals with calibration of measuring instruments and all forms of inspection: visual, measurement and NDT checks. We have FARO measurement arms, a FARO Titanium 3.7 m (0.073 mm) and the FARO laser line probe, together with a FARO GagePlus 0.6 m (0.005 mm). Polyworks 10.0 is used with the Titanium arm for scanning and measurement, while Gage is used with the FARO GagePlus.

Mechanical testing can be carried out from +25 °C to -46 °C for impact testing (charpy-V) and at +25 °C for tensile testing. A mobile Equotip or a stationary Alpha Durando is used for hardness testing.

Our operators are licensed at Level 2 for PT (penetration test), MT (magnetic powder test) UT (ultrasound test) and RT (X-ray testing, in our in-house bunker).


Surface finish and assembly

In addition to casting, processing and quality control, many of our customers choose us to carry out surface finishing and assembly of the products, which are then delivered ready to use on palettes to the customer (or the customer’s customers).




Machine park

CNC-lathe  JohnFord
Max. lathe diameter over bed 1 100 mm
Max. lathe length 4 000 mm
CNC mill – Mazak
Table travel 1 000 mm
Table dimensions 630×630 xx
Work height 800 mm
Max. weight 1 200 kg
CNC mill – Kuraki
Table dimensions 1 600×1 800 mm
Max. weight 10 000 kg
Table travel (X-axis) 3 000 mm
Spindle motion (Y-axis) 2 000 mm
Power 22 kW
CNC mill – Novar (5-axis)
Table dimensions 2 500×2 000 mm
X-axis 4 000 mm
Z-axis 2 400 mm
Power 30 kW
Capstan lathe – WEIPERT
Max. length 3 900 mm
Max. diameter 750 mm
Power 800 W
CNC lathe – Puma (with driven tools)
Max. dimension 1 030 mm
Max. dimension, cross builder 800 mm
Max. diameter 900 mm
Max. length 3 200 mm
CNC Vertical revolver lathe – Toshulin
Max. diameter 2 300 mm
Max. height of build 1 500 mm
Power 63 kW
Table diameter 2 000 mm
Max. weight of workpiece 20 000 kg



Österby Gjuteri uses several software programs to enable delivery of world-class products and optimise production. These include programs for CAD, casting simulation and CAM for controlling the processing machines. We can deal with most CAD file formats.

We use the following programs:

  • Solid Works – 3D CAD
  • Nova Flow & Solid – casting simulation
  • Mastercam – CAD/CAM program
  • PolyWorks – measurement program
  • FaroGage – measurement program